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The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates, New York, is a Catholic college preparatory school for young women founded in 1936 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, New York. Our academic philosophy—rooted in the Sisters’ charism of unity, reconciliation, and all-inclusive love—emphasizes intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. Our dedicated teachers, academic quality, outstanding facilities, and committed students create an unparalleled school spirit.
Explore our Diploma Designations, Aspire program, and Course Catalog to learn more about what sets a Mary Louis education apart.
The Admissions Process
Students interested in attending The Mary Louis Academy can apply by taking the TACHS admissions exam, administered every November, and selecting The Mary Louis Academy as one of the three choice schools.
STEP # 1 Create a Prospective Student Profile
Parents or guardians of all prospective students are asked to create a profile within our admissions portal. This profile is used to recruitment events such as Hilltopper for the Day visits, scholarship applications, private tours, etc.
  1. Create an account and add a new applicant (the year you select should be the school year in which the prospective student will be entering TMLA).
  2. Submit the form: Complete Your Prospective Student Profile.
  3. Scholarship Exam and CSJ Incentive Service Award forms may also be completed if you qualify. Information regarding these forms is available under Scholarships. All forms will be available in September.
  4. If you would like to visit for the day, complete the form: Hilltopper for the Day. Please see Hilltopper for the Day for information on the process for scheduling a buddy day with one of our Hilltopper Ambassadors.
STEP # 2 Register for the TACHS Exam
Current 8th graders: Register for the TACHS exam (August 21, 2023–October 26, 2023) and sign up for a TACHS preparation class. TMLA offers two sessions for review; you can find more information regarding our TACHS prep classes under TACHS Information and Preparation.
All prospective students are encouraged to attend our annual open house or schedule a private tour.
STEP # 3 Admissions Interview (Recommended)
Although not mandatory, students seeking scholarship opportunities are required to schedule an interview with our Admissions Team. A parent or guardian must be present for the interview and can schedule one through our Director of Admissions, Ms. Rita Piro, via email at [email protected]
Admissions interviews are encouraged for all prospective students.
STEP # 4 TACHS Exam and Applicant Record
Sit for the TACHS exam (November 4, 2023), placing The Mary Louis Academy as one of your choices.
Catholic school students: Your administrators or teachers will complete the necessary Applicant Record that will be submitted to your choice of schools (listed on your TACHS exam) on your behalf.
Public and private school students: Parents or guardians should complete Part A of the Applicant Record and have the school guidance counselor complete the remaining parts of the form. Be sure to ask them to submit the Applicant Record on your behalf before December 13. See Applicant Record on the side menu bar of this page.
STEP # 5 Admissions Notifications
Eighth graders who have registered for and completed the TACHS exam, have placed The Mary Louis Academy on their list of choices, and have submitted the Applicant Record, will be notified of their admissions status no earlier than January 10, 2024.
Please note that if you were unable to take the TACHS exam, please contact our Director of Admissions at [email protected]