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Aspire Scholars Program


Aspire is unique to TMLA and unparalleled in its scope and commitment to covering every area of the college applications and admissions process.


Aspire at TMLA is endowed in perpetuity through the generosity of a TMLA alumna who credits TMLA with her personal and professional success. This program represents her commitment to empowering future generations of Mary Louis women to aspire to their limitless potential.


Through Aspire, all students are provided with:

  • One cost free trip to visit prestigious colleges and universities along the East Coast.
  • SAT/ACT Prep Courses and/or Boot Camps on campus and with a remote option, offered at little to no cost.
  • Individual cost free consultations for students and their families with financial advisors specializing in college financial planning and the financial aid process.
  • Individualized college admissions counseling and assistance throughout the application and admissions process.


TMLA has long been known for the exceptional academics which produce legendary leaders. Aspire at TMLA ensures that our students' dreams remain big and their potential remains unlimited.


ALL TMLA students benefit from the Aspire program in some form, be it SAT/ACT Prep Courses, individualized College counseling, or visits to prestigious East Coast colleges and universities.
Those students whose dream is to attend a top-tier college or university are invited to apply for TMLA's Aspire Scholars Program.

The Aspire Scholars are TMLA students who have applied and completed all aspects of Aspire at TMLA, culminating in their acceptance into one of over 50 Aspire colleges and universities. These individuals are invited to apply to become TMLA Aspire Scholars.


Successful applicants receive renewable four year awards that fill the gap between the total financial package awarded by the successful applicant's college or university and the actual cost of attending said institution.
These disbursements are made directly from TMLA's Aspire Endowment for the eight semesters of their undergraduate program, provided all requirements continue to be met.
The goal of Aspire at TMLA is to make the impossible, possible! The Aspire Scholars Program helps to do just that!
Yes! Nine students from the Classes of 2022 and 2023 are currently enjoying their undergraduate studies at Barnard College, Georgetown University, Howard University, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Virginia with over a half million dollars of their tuition covered by Aspire at TMLA.
Beginning in junior year, top-tier students who aspire to attend a designated Aspire college or university, must complete an Aspire Scholars application—available in the Guidance Department—to be submitted and reviewed by the Aspire board, comprised of The Mary Louis Academy's Principal, Guidance Department Chairperson, Director of Academy Advancement and sponsoring alumna.