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Campus Ministry

The Mary Louis Academy Campus Ministry
The mission of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Brentwood is infused in everything we do at The Mary Louis Academy. We profess in our philosophy, "Uniting all in God's love through unity, reconciliation, care of the dear neighbor, and all inclusive love.”  We encourage our students to live out our philosophy through a spiritual atmosphere and a variety of religious experiences. Campus Ministry provides a myriad of opportunities for students and faculty who wish to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, reflection, sharing, and retreats. 

Campus Ministry Office
Our Campus Ministry Office is a space for all students to gather. Our CSJ Leaders, Student Ministers, and our faculty, who are members of the Spiritual Life Committee, gather for meetings. Students can use this space during free periods to further their spirituality and faith life. Opportunities to pray the Rosary, participate in prayer groups, and various morning activities also take place in the Campus Ministry Office. 

The Mary Louis Academy provides opportunities for all students of the same year to come together to celebrate their faith in a variety of ways.  The TMLA Retreat Program provides a one-day retreat for all students during the course of the year. All retreats are held at The Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse in Brentwood, New York.

This group of Juniors and Seniors serve as facilitators at Freshwomen Orientation and all Class Retreats. These students work closely with the Campus Ministry staff to encourage the development of their peer’s faith life and deepen their relationship with God. Throughout the school year, these students help with the development of programs within the Campus Ministry office. 
Our CSJ Leaders is a club that all students can join. Our CSJ Leaders focus on applying the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph in every aspect of the school community and their lives. Various service projects and retreats happening throughout the year for all students involved in our CSJ Leaders club.
Each year, our Juniors are offered the opportunity to apply for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. These candidates, together with candidates from other Catholic High Schools, are required to attend the workshop given in the spring through the Diocesan Liturgy Office. The candidates are then officially installed as Eucharistic Ministers at the Opening Liturgy in September of the new school year.  Students are encouraged to offer their service in this ministry to their own local parishes outside of the school community. 
The Mary Louis Academy community gathers together to celebrate special occasions during the school year. They include the Opening School Liturgy, Advent/Christmas Liturgy, St. Joseph’s Day, and Graduation Liturgy. Liturgies are also celebrated throughout the school year to celebrate special events and celebrations such as Junior Ring Day, Reunion Liturgy, and Immaculate Conception. 
Once a month Mass is offered in the chapel at 7:35.