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Principal Job Description

The Mary Louis Academy
176-21 Wexford Terrace
Mother Mary Louis Way
Jamaica Estates, NY 11432
Tel: (718) 297 2120
Fax: (718) 739 0037
April 2024
Job Description | Principal of The Mary Louis Academy

We are seeking a dynamic and visionary leader to serve as the Principal of a premier all-girls Catholic high school in New York City. The successful candidate will be deeply invested in the mission of the school and demonstrate a deep commitment to fostering academic and character excellence.

Mission and Background

The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates, NY is a Catholic college preparatory school for young women sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY, and rooted in their charism of unity, reconciliation and inclusive love that embraces all of creation. In an atmosphere that fosters academic excellence and respect, we seek to empower young women to realize and value their own unique gifts – spiritual, intellectual, social – and to use their gifts as leaders in creating a just society. We are a community that celebrates cultural diversity and continues the Catholic tradition of service.
As a single gender school, we are aware of our unique opportunity to help our students appreciate their womanhood and to develop their gifts in an atmosphere which fosters academic excellence and respect. As educators, we provide an environment shaped by Christian ideals that nurtures the whole person by integrating faith and life. We foster an awareness of an active engagement in ecological stewardship. We recognize that shared partnership with parents and guardians in developing young women who will take
responsibility for their life choices and value service to their community. In a world increasingly impersonal, we endeavor to empower each student to realize and value her own unique spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social potential as a leader in today’s society.
Scope of the Position:

The Mary Louis Academy has adopted a President-Principal model of school governance. The Principal reports to the President, who is responsible for carrying out the guidance and direction of the Board of Trustees.

The Principal is the academic officer who will have primary responsibility for day-to-day academic affairs of the school, including curriculum development, faculty development & evaluation, activities, and student affairs. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of the CSJ mission.


Organizational Leadership and Administration

The Principal at The Mary Louis Academy is responsible for the academic quality and mission focus of
the school.

The Principal:
    • Serves as the academic leader responsible for the development, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of a comprehensive educational program and extracurricular offerings for approximately 425 students
    • Sets, exemplifies, and promotes the highest standard and expectations for academic performance among the Assistant Principal and 70 faculty and staff members across 10 academic departments
    • Cultivates an educational environment that maximizes students’ opportunities for growth and success
    • Prioritizes excellence, creativity, and innovation in all school endeavors
    • Provides clear educational, faith-based and moral leadership by consistently communicating the mission of TMLA as a Catholic educational institution sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph
    • Supervises and works collaboratively with the Assistant Principal
    • Assigns administrative and teaching duties while overseeing the supervision for 10 chairpersons who directly manage teachers and report to the Principal
    • Establishes an organizational structure through which working relationships, lines of accountability and responsibility, and communication channels are clearly defined
    • Fosters positive morale among faculty, staff, and students
    • Implements clear and consistent policies for addressing student discipline, school safety and security, and interactions among teachers, administration, and parents. Collaborates with the guidance department to ensure students’ daily social and emotional well-being
    • Visits classrooms regularly to oversee the implementation of an observation process administered by chairpersons to manage the progress of teachers and students
    • Establishes academic and organizational policies that are aligned with the CSJ Mission
    • Meets regularly with the President and reports to the Board of Trustees on academic matters
Faculty, Staff and Curriculum
The Principal:
    • Sets educational programming priorities that emphasize college readiness
    • Collaborates with the faculty to develop and coordinate an educational program that accommodates the diverse needs, abilities, talents, and interests of students to ensure that all students are challenged appropriately
    • Evaluates and ensures that course offerings, curriculum, and guidance support student’s college placement needs
    • Creates a culture of innovation that fosters the ongoing improvement of learning and teaching for students and staff
    • Oversees the updating of curriculum to comply with NY State Curriculum, Diocesan requirements, and the current needs of the students
    • Provides the faculty with an environment and resources necessary for effective teaching
    • Handles the hiring and termination of all employees reporting to the Principal, in consultation with the school’s President
    • Approves the master schedule, annual calendar, and daily schedule, as well as coordinates the scheduling of all school-related activities
    • Facilitates ongoing professional development of the faculty and staff
    • Conducts evaluations of each chairperson and the Assistant Principal to measure individualized pedagogical growth
    • Evaluates each teacher annually in conjunction with the chairpersons, to measure individualized pedagogical growth, as evidenced by observation reports, and student impact as evidenced by student academic data
    • Meets on a regular basis with deans, counselors, and relevant personnel – chairperson of counseling department, dean, counselor, nurse, and school psychologist to ensure the social and emotional well-being of students
    • Insures proper keeping of all records relating to teachers, students, and school employees
    • Assists in the preparation of the documents for Mandated Services reimbursement
    • Assumes responsibility for the school’s relationship with the civic community, the State Education Department, Office of Catholic Education, and other educational agencies
    • Supervises the athletic director and is responsible for the athletic program
Students & Parents

The Principal:
    • Actively participates in student life by maintaining a visible presence during the school day and at school-related activities
    • Establishes and maintains effective communication with both parents and students
    • Encourages parent and student involvement and participation in the TMLA community
    • Assumes responsibility for student suspensions and dismissals
    • Approves all school-sponsored trips, prioritizing student safety and educational value
    • Oversees the execution of fire drills and crisis drills to ensure emergency preparedness
    • Supervises security personnel
    • Collaborates closely with the guidance department to address and support the daily social and emotional well-being of students
Skills Required:
  • Dynamic leadership skills to facilitate learning, growth, and collaboration both inside and outside the classroom
  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with the administrative team, faculty, parents and
    members of the community
  • Willingness and ability to relate effectively to students, faculty, parents and members of the community
  • Evidence of a strong commitment to and understanding of best practices in the education of young women
  • Ability to exercise strong leadership qualities and communicate effectively and appropriately at all times
  • Excellent written and oral communication, as well as presentation skills
    • Candidates must possess an advanced degree in education, educational leadership, or a related field, with school leader certification preferred (SBL, SAS, SDA).
    • A minimum of 7-10 years of teaching experience at the high school level, including 3-5 years as a school administrator
    • The candidate must embrace and promote Catholic values espoused by the mission and vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph, with a genuine commitment to Catholic education.
Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. In addition, a comprehensive
benefits package will be provided. Click HERE for the salary range.

To Apply:
Please submit a resume, letter of interest, and brief statement of your educational philosophy (500 word maximum) via Email to [email protected] (attachments in pdf format only)