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Guidance Department

The Counseling Department provides a comprehensive program for all TMLA students, beginning in Grade 9.


Students use Naviance, a college and career readiness website tool. Beginning in the ninth grade, students complete and document the following inventories: Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligence, Study Skills, Personality Profile, Career Inventory and College Search.


A Guidance Counselor is assigned to each student and will be her adviser for 4 years to provide support, encouragement and challenge to realize and value her own gifts and potential.


Counselors schedule small and large group meetings with all students on a regular basis; in addition, counselors are always available to students and their parents on an individual basis.

Counselor meets with the entire class in small groups throughout the year. Topics range from transition to high school, study skills, time management, course selection, scheduling, self-esteem, communication and relationships.
Counselor leads students in seeking methods to improve decision making and problem solving skills, exploring career goals, considering individual interests, values and abilities. A major part of the exploration is a personality profile. Program planning and diploma requirements are discussed in depth.
Counselor leads students in research of college options that best meet individual strengths, interests and goals. SAT and ACT exams, research into financial aid and scholarship opportunities, planning courses for senior year and working on college applications are also part of the year's program.
Counselor holds seminars and meets with individual students to explore college selection, college admissions process and applications. College essay writing, activity lists, recommendations, scholarship and financial aid are also explored.
A full-time school psychologist facilitates individual and group counseling for all students. In addition, she facilitates a school-wide social emotional initiative which also includes mindfulness meditation.