Science Honor Society Inducts New Members

The Mary Louis Academy recognized the outstanding achievement in Science of twenty-four Seniors and thirty-five Juniors during an assembly on April 10 when they were inducted into membership in the New York State Science Honor Society, an honor based on science, scholarship, service, and character.

During the assembly, Kayla Colombo and Stephanie Polito shared their reflections on the research that they have been conducting as members of the Science Research Program. 

Kayla spoke about how she began her research looking at DNA and biological evidence since she has an interest in Forensic Science. From that she transitioned into cancer research, specifically cancer immunology and later into immunogenetics. With this focus, she hopes to someday be able to answer questions like why do viruses like Covid-19 affect people differently and how long will we live. Kayla hopes to understand how stress and environmental factors impact biological makeup and gene expression.

Stephanie Polito spoke of her research in neuroscience over the past three years. While she has studied various topics over the years, she is currently focused on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) which help people with limited mobility particularly those who are paralyzed to carry out useful functions. Stephanie will continue her pursuit of all things science while majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior at college. Both Kayla and Stephanie recognize the impact that the TMLA Science Research has had on them.

At the ceremony, Chloe Rojas led the students in prayer and January Jernigan welcomed the inductees as well as the faculty and administration. Daniela Munoz Eusse, Lucy An-Lee, Juliana Mir, and Bibi Seepaul spoke about Character, Scholarship, and Service which are the main tenets of the Science Honor Society.

Requirements for membership in the New York State Science Honor Society include maintaining  a minimum GPA of 3.5 with all Science grades being 90% or greater. Members are also expected to complete 10 hours of science related service during each year of membership.

These new members of the Science Honor Society are a testament to the great learning that occurs every day at The Mary Louis Academy in the Science classroom and beyond.

Congratulations to all of the inductees for their momentous dedication and achievement.