Students and Faculty Spend Easter Break in Greece!

Some of our students and faculty had the opportunity for an unforgettable Easter break in Greece! Over the 9-day tour of the country, they visited temples of Greek gods, immersed themselves in Greek culture.
In Athens, the students experienced an evening of Greek dances, in which they took part and enjoyed authentic Greek food displayed on a buffet.
Other experiences that our students were able to enjoy and be a part of were a Byzantine iconography presentation and a ceramics workshop! The tour also brought the group to Meteora, where students visited a 16th century monastery.
The next stop was Ancient Olympia, where students ran a race in the stadium where the first Olympic Games took place in 776 BC. The Olympic torch is lit here every time there are Olympic Games, as the flame begins its journey to the host country for that year.
Our students were also able to see firsthand an olive oil, vinegar and honey tasting demonstration. The shop where this took place, is owned by an individual who owns his own olive trees. The olives and olive oil sold in his shop, are from his own Olive Grove in Kalamata!
The last stop on this trip was the city of Thessaloniki, the capital of Northern Greece. The students learned about Alexander the Great and Macedonian King Philip. They ended the journey with a boat ride, with beautiful scenery, around the Gulf of Thermaiko.
Click here for photos from the 9-day tour of Greece during Easter break!
TMLA students are given the opportunity to travel internationally twice each year. Next year, students will be traveling to Spain and Portugal in February and Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in April.