Women in Tech: You’ve Got Mail!

TMLA 9th year Technology class recently sent emails to many women innovators chosen for their contributions in STEM fields.  Students in the tech class had been introduced to a documentary that focused on increasing the visibility of women in tech roles and encouraging young women to explore how they might participate in these fields.

Members of the class then researched a particular woman in tech who had captured their interest; they used database search techniques and media literacy strategies to find the most accurate sources of information. Finally, students wrote thoughtful emails to their chosen Woman in Tech, celebrating her contributions. Because these women came from different periods in history and different parts of the world, these emails were not sent, but printed out for display outside the computer lab for sharing.

Some student writers voiced an interest in technical careers themselves, and thanked the women for their trailblazing efforts. Others related the impact on their own lives of these inventions and progress that could not have occurred without these women. 

As TMLA students walked through the hallway between classes, they had a chance to peruse the messages of gratitude to women who made a difference in the ever-evolving world of technology.  Some students who wrote emails of thanks, or viewed them in the hallway of our school, may one day make game-changing contributions of their own, and join the ranks of their fellow women innovators.

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