Unique Opportunity for TMLA Junior

TMLA Junior Catherine Kwasnik has been accepted into the prestigious Training Program Dressage4Kids, a national program of education and competition for those who are dedicated to becoming the very best equestrian athletes. Dressage refers to programs wherein rider and horse develop a unique bond and perform special, carefully controlled movements as directed by the rider, as a sport or in a competition.
After 8 years of equestrian hard work, Catherine has been training and competing with Messina, a 14 year old Hanovarian mare since 2017.  According to Catherine, “She is a wonderful horse. Before, I rode different horses and I learned a lot from each but it makes such a difference to have a horse that you can work with consistently.”
Catherine is being sponsored for this program by The ARK at JFK, a comprehensive facility that includes animal handling services and kennel accommodations.  In January, Catherine and Messina will go to Wellington, Florida to train and compete in one of the most prestigious and intense equestrian programs in the country.
John Cuticelli, owner of the Ark, said he could not be more proud of both Messina and Catherine. He claimed he was excited to note the progress Catherine and Messina have made in a short time. He said,”The entire ARK team is proud to sponsor such grace, dedication and enthusiasm. Catherine shows great promise and we are happy to be part of her success.”

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