TMLA’s Women in Engineering

TMLA offered its annual  5-day intensive experience in engineering this year from July 16-20. TMLA’s Women in Engineering Week inspired young women to explore the many fields of engineering – Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Biomedical, Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Software, and Environmental. From 9am – 3pm each day hands-on team-based projects applied student creativity in designing engineering solutions to real-life challenges and learned to:

  • design a mechanical hand
  • build a tower, build a team, the marshmallow challenge
  • create a watercraft to explore buoyancy 
  • harness sustainable energy with a wind turbine
  • explore current multiplied by voltage to give power
  • make plastic from almost nothing; mold tokens into fun plastic shapes
  • learn to code

On Friday morning, the students toured engineering labs in local undergraduate college. 

On Friday afternoon, at an End-of-Program Celebration, families, and friends were invited to watch students present their design projects and what they had learned during the week. 

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