TMLA Art Majors Win Honors in Scholastic Art Competition

TMLA is proud to announce that our Art majors have won 10 awards in 2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition.  The highest honor of Gold Key was awarded to Lena Fordyce for her painting “Entrapment.” Lena’s work will be exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with other Gold Key winners in this competition.

 TMLA art students won several other awards. A Silver Key was won by Angelina Perez for “Mirror.”  Justine Lao won 2 Silver Keys one for “The Golden Difference” and another for “Kintsugi.”  Maria Muñoz also won a Silver Key for “No Time to Play Around.”

Honorable Mention awards were accorded to Madison Persichette for “A View of a Bridge”, to Emma Russo  for “A Dying Medium” , to Madison Wilson for “First Day of School”, to Kaitlin Pearson for “Digital Obituary”,  and to Fiona Sheehan for “Things in the Distance May Appear Closer Than They Seem.”

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognize student achievement in the visual and literary arts in 28 categories, including drawing and illustration, photography, flash fiction, poetry, film and animation, journalism, and more.

Works are judged on originality, technical skill, and emergence of personal vision or voice.
Congratulations to students and their teachers Mrs. Kathleen Lynch and Ms. Sarah Pettitt.

 Here is a gallery of some of the honored works.

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