TMLA Welcomes Visitors from Italy

Young men are not frequently seen during the school day at TMLA, but on March 7, they were among a group of 16 students from Italy spending the day at TMLA.
These young men were  part of a group of 12 girls and 4 boys from the coed school Il Istituto di Istruzione Secundaria Superior G. Curcio in Ispica, Ragussa, Italy.

TMLA’s Mr. Nicholas Maurantonio has had his Italian classes using Skype regularly with the students at the high school in Ragussa, Italy. They are studying English at the school as our girls are learning Italian. The students with their teacher in Italy, Ms. Maria Puccia, as well as their principal Mr. Maurizio Franzo and Mr. Roberto Monaco made this trip to the US.

TMLA students have been using Skype technology via the SMARTBoard and iPads. Since the group from Italy were coming to the United States for a school trip, both schools recognized the opportunity to meet face to face; as a result, students, their teachers and principal spent the day at TMLA experiencing an American school firsthand from homeroom to cafeteria lunches to dismissal.


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