TMLA Welcomes Class of 2023

TMLA welcomed the Class of 2023 with an Orientation program for the new 9th grade students that began with a variety of activities on Wednesday, August 28 and a prayer service and barbeque on Thursday, August 29.

Although the girls were intimidated by the TMLA hallways, many girls were excited and eager to communicate and share laughs with their new “sisters”. Others enjoyed doing the feathers in the cafeteria, for they were spreading their wings and soaring into their Freshman year.  They also enjoyed writing letters to their senior selves.  Since it was Orientation day, they were able to express how they felt on this special day.  One of the most popular activities was the Volleyball game in the gym.

Orientation for 9th year students continued September 4 with homeroom assignments, book distribution and Yearbook pictures. On September 5, students followed a Mock “A” day when they met their new teachers in the classes they would have on the first day of the 6 day cycle that TMLA curriculum follows.  

TMLA Sophomore Isabella Tapia, one of the upper class members of the welcoming committee, said, “I was able to see all the fantastic hopes and dreams these new students have to strive and be successful at TMLA.”


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