TMLA Track Champions

Congratulations to TMLA Track team – NYC and Brooklyn-Queens Champions in 4x200m Relay. TMLA has won the Brooklyn-Queens 4x200m relay the past eight years. The Relay team of Anaya Laurent, Morgan Donaldson, Gabriela Maldonando and Jennifer Ginnane will receive plaques.
Fiona Maloney is the NYC and Brooklyn-Queen High Jump Champion. At the NYC/Brooklyn Queens Championship Meet on Jan. 26, TMLA team finished 3rd in Brooklyn-Queens.
Medals will be awarded to the following: 4x800m Relay team of Fiona Maloney, Keeley Hayes, Sariah Grant and Catherine Lunny -2nd Place; to Anaya Laurent-2nd Long Jump and 3rd Triple Jump; to Fiona Maloney-3rd – 600 meters dash; to Catherine Lunny-3rd- 3000 meters; to Sariah Grant-4th -600 meters dash and 5th High Jump; to Keeley Hayes-5th-1000 meters; to the 4x400m Relay team of Anya Ferguson, Emma Tzimorotas, Nicole Contreras, and Elizabeth Piiccolo- 4th Place.

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