TMLA 11th Annual Summer Fest Course Catalog

Follow this link to register for any of the Summer at TMLA Courses including Women in Engineering Week, Athletic Clinics, TACHS Prep, and the Day of Wellness


July 2 and July 3 Positive Power – Change your life by changing your thoughts. Empower yourself to achieve greatness. Positive thinking can create a more confident and successful YOU. Learn techniques to handle the stress of school, big events, relationships and more. Included are techniques to help you deal with school-related stress including test taking and exams like TACHS, midterms, and finals. $25 for both days.


July 4 Happy Independence Day!


July 5 Double Offering! Learn Cursive Penmanship and Haiku $25 for both classes

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. We will learn this poetic art form, compose our own haiku and create our own scrapbooks to illustrate the haiku which you will take home.

Cursive Penmanship – Learn the art of beautiful penmanship. Although many schools have removed cursive penmanship from their curriculum various new research is showing how handwriting trains the brain. Benefits of good handwriting practice include: increased brain activation; improved performance across all academic subjects, especially in language activities such as spelling; providing a strong foundation for higher order skills.


July 6 Italian Pasta & Cannoli Cone Making – Students will learn some basic Italian while making homemade pasta and cannoli cones. You will bring your pasta home to cook for a meal. Bring your own apron or coverup if desired. $20


July 9 CSI: Forensic Science – Do you look for fingerprints on a glass or make a mental note of what everyone is wearing? Then you may be a future CSI! Fingerprinting & evidence analysis included. $25 Very limited enrollment.


July 10 Baking Cookies & Cupcakes – Create a variety of delicious decorated treats. Take home a box of your creations. Emphasis on decorating. $25 for each day. Same as July 17.


July 11 and/or 12 Art Workshop Note time: 9am-11am – Two days of painting, drawing, designing in TMLA’s own Art Studio. This course is $25 for one day or $35 for both days. All materials included.


July 13 Self-defense for Young Women – Designed to make you more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life on any given day. The instructor has 30 + years of experience. Must wear closed shoes/sneakers. No short shorts or sandals. $20


July 16 and/or 17 Photography – Learn the fundamentals of photography and how to take better pictures with your camera, phone, or iPad. $20 each day or $30 for both days.


July 17 Baking Cookies & Cupcakes – Create a variety of delicious decorated treats. Take home a box of your creations. Emphasis on decorating. $25. Same as July 10.


July 18 Intro to Chemistry – Think Chemistry is only something scientists use in a laboratory? Explore the world around you with hands-on lab experiments. $20 Limited number.


July 19 Shakespeare – Students will learn the basics about William Shakespeare and his world while learning how to write and read a sonnet. All high school students must study Shakespeare and this will give you a fun start. The instructor is an award-winning teacher of Shakespeare and an internationally recognized poet. $20


July 20 Fun with Science – Students will explore a variety of topics in laboratory science using hands-on materials and methods. $20


July 23 & 24 Creative Writing – Do you like to write stories of comedy, romance, adventure, non-fiction, & more? Learn the craft of creative writing including character development, conflict and much more. $30 for both days.


July 24 BREAKOUT! NOTE TIME 9am 11am Breakout games are for those who would rather solve the mysteries than watch someone else have all the fun. You will have to escape your adventure by cracking codes, solving puzzles and following clues. Participants will also do a related construction project and take home some treats and gifts. $20


July 25 Babysitting Adventures – Learn how to be a great babysitter including what to do in emergency situations. CPR training included. Babysitter certificate is given at the end. $20


July 26 Our Living Environment What do you have in common with a frog? Future physicians unite! This course will provide an introduction to the human body through dissection of a frog. Each student will dissect her own frog. Limited number $25


July 30 & 31 General Math Review for girls going into 7th and 8th grades. $30 for both days. $20 for one day.


July 30 & 31 General ELA & ESSAY Writing Review for girls going into 7th and 8th grades. $30 for both days. $20 for one day


Check back soon More courses may be added.

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