TMLA Students Visit Holocaust Center at Manhattan College

Mary Louis students who have studied the Holocaust in depth in both their Social Studies and English courses added to their awareness and understanding by visiting the Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Center at Manhattan College.

The Center was created by Debby Ziering and faculty members at Manhattan to tell the Holocaust survival stories of Debby’s parents, Herman and Lea. “The Center’s focus remains the lessons of the Holocaust, which are essential to educating future generations in order to combat prejudice, genocidal ideologies, apathy and Holocaust denial.”

As a Sisters of St. Joseph sponsored school, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to continue living out the CSJ mission of unity, reconciliation and all inclusive love.   Our visit to this Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Center at Manhattan College help us to put these ideals in practice.  We understand that we can achieve in our life the values pronounced in our CSJ charism by learning about events such as the Holocaust, and doing what we can to prevent future events like this from ever taking place again. 

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