TMLA Seniors Accepted for Macaulay Honors

TMLA seniors Anureet Kaur, Zara McPartland, Cristina Nieves, Anastasia Poulos have been accepted for the prestigious Macaulay Honors Program.

CUNY Honors College launched in 2001 provides a globally competitive honors program for the most talented and academically gifted of New York’s students.

At Macaulay, education only begins in the classroom. Students enroll at one of 8 CUNY campuses: Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, John Jay, Lehman, Queens, or the College of Staten Island. The Macaulay Honors curriculum of seminars focused on New York City bring them together. Students complete study abroad, internships, or independent research, and graduate with an honors degree. Learning through experience inspires Macaulay students to become the leaders of tomorrow

The Honors College was designed in collaboration with CUNY senior colleges and programs. From the start, CUNY Honors was recognized for exceptional advising, hands-on internships and research opportunities, substantial community service and global learning opportunities, and a commitment to provide the skills and experiences for each student to excel in college and beyond.

The program includes a number of innovative programs: the four core seminars linking students with the history, arts and resources of New York City; community service and service learning around the globe; internships that give students real work experience while in college; the Cultural Passport which gives students access to arts and culture in New York; and the Opportunities Fund, which allows each student to shape his or her own unique learning program.



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