TMLA Projects Provide Aid for Ukraine

The TMLA community showed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine in March by generous donations of money as well as personal supplies for the needy citizens of that country.

Members of TMLA’s Service, Learning, and Leadership Program and the Eastern European Club worked together to make these projects a success. Over $800 was collected from the sale of yellow and blue ribbons during lunch periods. This money will be sent to “Save the Children”, a non-profit organization aimed at aiding the children fleeing from, and suffering within Ukraine. 

Students also hosted a donations drive, collecting baby supplies, non-perishable food, feminine hygiene products, and personal care products. By the end of the drive, the donation boxes were overflowing, and resulted in ten full, extra-large boxes full of items, which will be flown to Ukraine. 

A special shout out to Seniors Gabriela Moldando and Stephanie Starzynski, who worked to organize both the monetary and physical donations. Gabriela and Stephanie visited each Level Meeting during one cycle to teach their fellow classmates about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Nora Baqui and Chloe Rojas, members of the South East Asian Club, individually reached out to SLL to see if there were anything they could do to assist Ukraine.  In many different ways, they contributed to the projects. Chloe’s father also picked up the donations, as he knew someone flying items to Ukraine.

In all their projects throughout this year members of the Service, Learning and Leadership Program demonstrate the energy and enthusiasm with which they approach each challenge, and envision each new initiative. They give witness to the empowering virtues of making a difference. 

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