TMLA Library VR and AR Programs

To celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, TMLA Library hosted several Spanish classes for a VR tour of Mexico City during an actual Dia de los Muertos celebration! Students were immersed in the festive atmosphere, observing footage from a Youtube 360 video from CNN.

The Library also uses the VR platform Google Expeditions to take students inside a museum showcasing the influence of Dia de Los Muertos on the arts in Mexican culture.

The Library uses Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality programs to enhance course material. Virtual Reality programs immerse viewers in a simulated environment. It can be used for entertainment and education purposes. We use it to take students to other parts of the world, inside the human body, and to different times in history.

Augmented Reality programs layer digital simulations over our own environment, adding to what the viewer sees around them.  Students can use AR to “drop” a Mars shuttle in the middle of their classroom, viewing it as if it were truly there!

TMLA Library will be using both VR and AR with some of our Global History students. These girls are studying the Industrial Revolution, and will be taken back in time to explore the homes and factories of this era. They will then use AR to examine the textile production equipment that evolved during the Industrial Revolution, viewing the machinery from all angles. Finally, they will use what they have learned from both of these programs to answer the questions in a Team Trivia exercise.

As you can see, the library is blending its resources to make learning a fun, effective, and memorable experience.