TMLA Joins National Chemistry Olympiad Challenge

The 2021 National Chemistry Olympiad Challenge was a first for TMLA and our chemistry students received excellent marks in the competition. The Chemistry Olympiad Club set up by Ms. Helen Yuen spent weeks of preparation for the March event.  Emma Kelly and Elise Wollemborg, co-presidents of the Club, helped Ms. Yuen by organizing extra practice sessions, and giving constant positive encouragement to members of the club. 

The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad is a multi-tiered competition designed to stimulate young people to achieve excellence in chemistry. It is sponsored by the American Chemical Society.

Congratulations to Juniors Karah Augustin, Denise Marie Belmonte, Emma Carpluk, Emma Kelly, Justine Lao, Chelsea Murillo-Parra, Elise Wollemborg, and Senior Silvia DiPaola, as well as their teacher Ms. Helen Yuen for this achievement.

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