TMLA Honors Alumnae

TMLA celebrated International Women’s Day 2019 on March 8 by honoring alumnae who have made history in their professions and communities. The program on that day provided opportunities for TMLA students to learn firsthand from the Mary Louis women who, through their courage, determination and relentless pursuit of their dreams, have expanded horizons for all women. These leaders encouraged TMLA students to be intellectually curious, passionate about their goals, and confident in their ability to succeed.

In 1940, as the first class of women graduated from TMLA, only 5% of women in this country attended college in any form….Just 10 years later a TMLA alumna walked through the doors of Harvard Law School and turned that institution co-educational.

Over the next 80 years graduates of TMLA have been proven leaders in their professions and in their communities. All vocations and walks of life have been impacted by the dedication, capabilities and talents of TMLA women.

The names and achievements of the alumnae who were honored on this day may be found here. On our web home page is a photo of them with Mrs. Jean Maura and Mr. Joseph Lewinger, Assistant Principals, as well as of Mrs. Ann O’Hagan-Cordes, 1st TMLA alumna to become Principal of TMLA.

In celebrating International Women’s Day, Banners with pictures and achievements of many more TMLA Alumnae Trailblazers may be seen; the gallery of these Banners are a part of TMLA Photo Gallery.

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