TMLA College Advisement Expands with Aspire Scholarship

TMLA has created its own Aspire Scholarship – whose goal is to make possible the impossible – help fill the GAP between university scholarships, grants, financial aid, loans and what parents are not otherwise able to meet. 

Five students from the Class of 2022 were awarded over a quarter of a million dollars in Aspire Scholarships. These disbursements will be made annually from TMLA’s Aspire Endowment for the next four years of their undergraduate program. Three will attend Barnard College; one will be at the University of Notre Dame and one at The University of Virginia.

For many years TMLA has been known for our unparalleled college prep program, offering opportunities unmatched anywhere in NYC.  With the help of an endowment generously funded  in perpetuity by an alumna of TMLA, the Aspire Program has been significantly expanded beyond opportunities we offered in the past. Our Expanded Aspire Program will now include the following items:

  • Creation of the Aspire Scholarship
  • A second full-time college counselor
  • Creation of TMLA’s new College Center
  • Initiation of a college admissions analytics database by Inzata 

These new benefits are additions to opportunities of our College Advisement program offered in the past:

  • One cost free college trip for every junior
  • SAT/ACT Prep Courses and/or Boot Camps for all juniors on site or remote
  • Individualized consultations for all students with Wealth Management Solutions, a financial services firm specializing in college financial planning and the financial aid process.
  • Additional financial consultations provided for selected students encompassing a full financial review with assistance completing and submitting of forms and appeal processes. 
  • Individual professional admission counseling by College Karma for selected students from Spring of Junior year through their commitment decision in Senior year.
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