TMLA at High School Youth Rally

TMLA students participated in a High School Youth Rally at Holy Family Parish on April 6.  Catholic High Schools from all over the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens attended. It was a great way to unite different Catholic High Schools. 

Students met Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino of Assisi, the Archbishop of Assisi. With him came the beautiful relic of Blessed Carlo. The relic is a fragment of Acutis’ pericardium, the membrane that surrounds and protects the heart. In a recent article, Archbishop Sorrentino said, “My prayer is that the presence of the relic of Blessed Carlo will arouse a desire in our American brothers and sisters, especially young people, not to waste their lives, but to make them a masterpiece, like Carlo chose in our time and St. Francis before him.”

Sophomore Grace Carlin says, “Archbishop Sorrentino talked about technology in such a positive way. Archbishop Sorrentino shared that we have the route to share our faith using technology. Carlo Acutis used technology to spread the word, if he is able to do this, then it is our duty as young Catholics to use technology to not only share our faith with others, but to grow in our faith for ourselves.”

Following a morning of reflection and the sacrament of Reconciliation, the afternoon was spent in prayer and worship. Students were able to venerate the relic of Blessed Carlo, experience Eucharistic Adoration, and meet Bishop Robert Brennan, the Bishop of Brooklyn. It was a beautiful afternoon for all.

The whole group at the Youth Rally
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