TMLA Alumna Helps Implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

Since July of 2020 alumna Kailee Scales ’93 has worked closely with TMLA in the creation and implementation of TMLA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. 

Kailee served as the first Managing Director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.  In that role Kailee guided the organization through the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and helped lead the transformative global response to systemic racism, injustice and oppression.  In June of 2021 Kailee was honored to be offered two new leadership positions in the same week. The first offer was the position of CEO of the National Women’s Hall of Fame. The second offer was as CEO of Pencils of Promise.

We were honored to welcome Kailee home again on Monday, June 14, as she led TMLA’s administration, faculty and staff through the first faculty workshop she developed for TMLA, “Fostering an Inclusive Climate.”  During this workshop there were lively discussions of experiences and insights that are sure to inform many plans and goals for the new school year.

We are grateful that Kailee has partnered with TMLA to help us grow and learn through the sharing of her wisdom, skill and talents. A month ago Kailee had led a workshop with our students and we look forward to welcoming Kailee home again in September when she will conduct additional anti-racism and inclusion workshops for our students, faculty, staff and administration.

As CEO of Pencils of Promise, Kailee will be serving the global community in Ghana, Laos and Guatemala, since PoP works to provide high quality education to some of the world’s most vulnerable children and to remove the barriers to prosperity and opportunity for all. 

Kailee is also the owner of Think Free Global Strategies ( where she provides end-to-end consultation to corporations, organizations, and individuals for equity solutions, organizational and resource development and methods to explore, adopt, and implement core principles into their respective communities.


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