The goal of TMLA is to develop the whole person. In addition to academics, athletics, and spiritual development, extracurricular activities play an important role in the life of each student. TMLA has more than 40 extracurricular activities and clubs that help students become integrated individuals.


The Adopt-A-Parent program was created to improve the quality of life for nursing home residents. This program gives students a chance to give to the community as well as put a smile on an elderly person’s face.

Once a month, the members go to The Hillside Manor Nursing Home. Students are assigned a “grandparent” with whom she spends an hour. The students discuss their lives with them, and even talk about what they want for the future.

Activities with Senior Citizens: Games such as bingo, checkers, other board games; Reading Books & Magazines; playing games (cards); Celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day.

African Heritage Club/Caribbean Club

Our goals are to look deeper into the lives of lesser known African-Americans who have contributed to society for the better. Another goal is to educate the TMLA community about Caribbean and West Indian culture. We wish to encourage everyone to be part of this club even if she is of another race or background. This club gives us an opportunity to know who we really are and why we should be proud of our heritage.

Important Events: Kwanzaa Dinner, Black History Celebration, Cultural Harmony Festival

All By Hand

Purpose: To expose students to the beauty and appreciation for hand made crafts, especially crocheting and knitting.

Activities: Making “lapghans” for nursing home residents, investigating projects that involve using recycled materials

Architecture Club

The point of this club is to introduce architecture and begin brainstorming ideas about design. It’s more important to have students learn how to think critically and analytically rather than get the “right” answer, because in architecture, there is no “right” answer or one set way to do things. Students will also search universities that offer architecture as a major, different paths to take for those interested in architecture, and the process of becoming an architect.
Any student may join the club.

Art Club

Purpose: To learn how to work with different art materials and create our own works of art.

Membership: All are welcome! No artistic ability needed. Students just need to be creative and want to have fun.

Asian Club/East Asian

Purpose: To share Asian/East Asian cultures and traditions with the school community and to enrich it through activities that unite and show the richness of womanhood.

Everyone is welcome to join our club.

Activities: Cultural Harmony Festival, Presentations -folk dances, ethnic foods, variety of art forms.

Book Club

Purpose: To give TMLA students the opportunity to engage in thoughtful, fun, and challenging discussion of the books they read.

Membership: Everyone is welcome to join.

Activities: We read a book a month. Students decide upon the title.


Purpose: Students will learn all aspects of publishing a school yearbook including layout & design, photography, writing and fundraising.

Activities: Columbia University Workshop, learn Josten’s yearbook Workshop, promote commercial business ads.

C.S.J. Leadership Club

Purpose: To be “at the ready” when needs arise, to work with other groups to foster a spirit of giving and inclusive love to make visible the TMLA mission.

Activities: TMLA SMILE WEEK (to benefit Operation SMILE), CSJ Overnights at CSJ Brentwood Motherhouse, Mix It Up at Lunch Day, Sponsor a Family Program at Christmas time (to benefit St. John’s Bread and Life), Charity Begins at Home Day (to benefit needs of TMLA Community)

Fashion, Health and Beauty Club

Purpose: To bring a fashion, health and beauty awareness to all women so we can make wiser choices for our well being.

Activities: Watching shows like “What Not to Wear” and “Project Runway”; Making clothing out of recyclable material; Understanding and building self-esteem; Sharing information from Internet about healthier foods to eat and beauty aids to use

Filipino Club

Purpose: To share Filipino cultures and traditions with the school community, and to enrich it through activities that unite and show the richness of womanhood. All are welcome to join our club.

Activities: Cultural Harmony Festival, sharing of ethnic food, demonstration of cultural dances, crafting traditional decorations for holidays.

Forensics Club/Speech Team

The Speech Club affords students the opportunity to develop their rhetorical and interpretative skills by competing in such oratorical exercises as Declamation, Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation, Dramatic Performance, Extemporaneous Speaking, Student Congress and Lincoln-Douglas Debating. Each category develops different skills, and students may choose their areas of interest in consultation with the Speech Coach. Attendance at meetings, practices, tournaments and on-going participation are essential factors in earning credit.

French Club

Purpose: To explore and appreciate the cultures of France and the French-speaking world.

Activities:Cultural Harmony Festival, Attend French ballets and operas, Make French foods (crepes, chocolate mousse), Watch French films, visit the French collection at the N.Y. museums, celebrate National French Week (1st week in November), Contribute to various charities

Anyone with an interest in the cultures of France and the French-speaking countries is welcome in this club. You don’t need to speak French to join.

Future Business Leaders of America

As a local chapter of the National Club of Future Business Leaders of America, our purpose is to prepare young women for the business world.

Activities: Simulating business models, fund raising, guest speakers

G.E.M. (Girls Enjoy Math)

Purpose: To promote mathematical excellence and have fun while doing math.

To become aware of the importance of math in all careers and in our daily lives.

Activities: Monthly Contests in Queens and Nassau, Pi Day Contest Problem Solving, career speakers, chess & puzzles

Hellenic Society

Purpose: To give students a fuller understanding of Greek culture and establish a unity between Greek and Non-Greek people.

Important Dates: Cultural Harmony Festival, OXI Day, March in the Greek Independence Day Parade (March), Greek Independence Day celebration at TMLA, Christmas Celebration in NYC, dinner at a Greek Restaurant in NYC

The Hellenic Society belongs to the Hellenic Federation of Greater New York. Girls from TMLA have been chosen to be Miss Athens and Miss Dodeconese in the Greek Independence Day Parade on 5th Ave. in New York City. A gallery of photos from Hellenic Society activities may be found here.

History Club

Purpose: To foster an interest in History and current events and to provide an opportunity for discussion, this club is open to all students.

Activities: Debates, museum visits, view films, displays of historic events and people

Irish Club

The Irish Club gives its members an understanding of Irish history, culture, and traditions. At each meeting, the members share their Irish roots through step dancing, music, literature, and experiences of visiting the Emerald Isle.

Membership in the Irish Club is open to all students of all cultures.

Activities: International Festival, St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, Cultural Flag Day at TMLA, Workshop in Step Dancing, Speaker from Ireland, Dinner Party at an Irish Restaurant.

Italian Club

Purpose: To educate students about Italian culture, traditions and language and to teach the students to appreciate and respect the culture.

Activities: St. Joseph’s Day Celebration, Italian Culture and Heritage Month Celebration, Watching Italian movies & listening to Italian music, Bake Sales & Donations to Charity, bocce games, Societa Onorania Italia – Italian Honor Society.

Latin Club

Purpose: To promote awareness of Greco-Roman culture and mythology; to raise an awareness of the influence of the Latin Language and society in our contemporary world

Activities: Movies about classical culture and Roman mythology, singing songs in Latin, Saturnalia (Christmas Party), museum trips, projects on festivals and history, puzzles and games.


Purpose: To provide the TMLA community with a newspaper done by the young women of TMLA.

To promote creativity to a very high standard and to do so with integrity. To encourage open discussion and inclusiveness.

Medical Unlimited

Purpose: To expose students to various aspects of health care.

Activities: Bake sale for Ronald McDonald House, Red Ribbons sale on World Aids Day, various speakers

National Honor Society

The purpose of the National Honor Society of The Mary Louis Academy is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service school and community, to promote leadership, and to develop character among the students of TMLA.

Activities: Fm / Sr Halloween Social, Valentine Candy Grams, Mother/Daughter Liturgy & Dinner

Membership: Juniors and Seniors meeting the 3.5 index requirement and evidence of school/ community service and leadership.

Outreach/Pax Christi

Purpose: To become more conscious of the need for peace in our world and to help others in need and those less fortunate than ourselves through prayer and community service projects.

Activities: Project Linus Blankets for sick children, Thanksgiving Drive for Providence Houses, World Vision – Thirty Hour Famine, Projects for other needs as they arise -Coats for the poor, Toys for Tots, Peace Awareness Program, Walter Kaner Christmas Party for handicapped children.

Poetry Club/Spring Magazine

Purpose:The Poetry Club encourages and nurtures students’ creative expression through writing poetry.

Poetry Club produces Spring Magazine, the literary magazine written by the students.

Project Earth

Goals of Project Earth: To raise funds to help animals and nature that are in danger. To raise environmental awareness in our community and beyond

Activities: Beach Cleanups, field trips to zoo, park and beach, fund raisers

Robotics Team

TMLA Robotics Team 3204 has turned a fun team program into successful competition at the NYC FIRST Championships. For more about this activity click  here.  

S.A.D.D. – Students Against Destructive Decisions

Purpose: To raise student awareness about the importance of making healthy decisions in their lives. To provide students with an informed and supported environment dedicated to the prevention of destructive decisions. The leaders of S.A.D.D. will serve as peers to assist others with strategies to avoid negative peer influence.

No requirements are necessary to join.  S.A.D.D. is an open environment, free for talking about any issues that are of concern to you.
Activities: Red Ribbon week, Senior Prom Safety

Science Club

Purpose: To foster an interest in Science and to have fun while learning scientific principles.

Activities: Forensic science, Making lip gloss, ice cream and silly putty, working with butterflies,
UV sensitive jewelry, photographic sunprints

Science Fiction Club

Purpose: To enable fans of science fiction to get together each week with like minded people.

Activities: Films, trivia, parties, games

Spanish Club

Purpose: To give Hispanic & Non-Hispanic people a better understanding of the Hispanic culture, and to celebrate the various traditionsand promote awareness of the rich culture of Spain & Latin America.

Activities: Celebrate Spanish Heritage Week, attend a Latino theatrical production, Cultural Harmony Festival, learn folk dances, visit Museum of Spanish Culture, Donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Any TMLA student is welcome to join!!!

A gallery of photos from this club may be found here.

Student Council

The purpose of this organization as stated in Article 2 of the Student Council Constitution is as follows: “The Council represents the Student Body and works with the advice of Faculty Advisors and Principal. The purpose of this organization shall be to foster a spirit of school loyalty, to coordinate student activities and clubs, and to promote the fulfillment of the ideals of The Mary Louis Academy.