Shrek the Musical Comes to TMLA

With their dedication and determination, TMLA Genesians turned the fun musical of Shrek into an amazing, but still COVID-friendly production on April 17, 2021.  

From February through April, students and faculty members were led by Mrs. Loramarie Muratore-Ninson, Director of the play, who claimed, “I compared our artistic process to Shrek—as an odd fairytale and a hilarious journey!   The cast knew from the start that this would be unlike any other show they had worked on before. … This called for expectations of flexibility, positivity and hard work.  The cast has been beyond amazing!”  

TMLA Junior Celina Shoenfeld, Assistant Director of this production, summed up her feelings this way: “The best part of the play was having everyone running on stage for the encore number I`m a Believer.  I feel that this number really wraps up the feeling of a performance during a quarantine. The genuine joy on everyone`s faces and girls just having fun and dancing together brought back the idea of “normalcy” along with the whole performance coming together beautifully.”

Junior Olivia Zino explained, “I never would have thought that we could put together an entire show on a virtual platform, but through the dedication of our amazing director and the energy of the cast, we did! Through different quarantine periods and WiFi troubles, we still managed to craft a beautiful show. Virtual practices did not slow us down …. Everyone really did her best and was committed to her role.”

Colorful costumes enliven every show, as Celina notes: “When I walked into the room to see intricate and well-designed dresses, tutus, bow ties, tiny legs and more … the juxtaposition between being in your pajamas over Google Meet and wearing high-heels, long/flowing dresses and makeup on stage took my breath away, as I started to realize that it was Showtime.”

TMLA faculty members Mrs. Heather Reklis-Albanese, Moderator of Genesians; Mrs. Kellie Corriera, choreographer; and Ms. Janine Ramadan, who designed the Scenic Backdrop Projections, were also part of the creative team that produced this show. 

Assistant Director, Celina adds, “I really began to understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork in theater.  Since all of our rehearsals were done over Google Meet, it was difficult for the performers to fully understand key parts of the production such as choreography and blocking.  Despite these challenges, the students were able to exceed every expectation and put on a show-stopping performance full of energy and vitality.”

According to Olivia: “Theater is so much more than what you see on stage; we would have nothing if it wasn’t for the amazing tech crew and fantastic faculty and staff. Theater is really the people who love it more so than the show itself and we couldn’t have a more dedicated group of people here at TMLA.” 



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