TMLA Welcomes Italian Exchange Students

Young men are not frequently seen during the school day at The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates, but they were this past March 8 when they were among a group of 15 students from Italy spending the day at the all-girls school.

TMLA’s Italian teacher Mr. Nicholas Maurantonio has had his classes Skyping regularly with the students at their high school located in Ragussa, Italy. The school in Italy is Il Istituto di Istruzione Secundaria Superior G. Curcio in Ispica Ragussa Italy. It is a co-ed school. A total of 15 students visited TMLA, 3 girls and 2 boys. They are studying English at the school the way our girls are learning Italian. Their teacher in Italy, Ms. Maria Puccia is the aunt of one of our students at TMLA, Kara Puccia. ┬áThat is how Mr. Maurantonio connected with the school.

Skype is a way of communicating anywhere in the world via computer. Users can speak with, listen to, and see the people with whom they are talking wherever they are located. TMLA students have been using the technology via the SMARTBoard and iPads. The students in Italy have been doing the same. The group from Italy came to the United States for a school trip and both schools recognized the opportunity they had to meet face to face. The students, their teachers and principal spent the day at TMLA experiencing an American school firsthand from homeroom to cafeteria lunches to dismissal. The teachers and principal from the school in Italy presented S. Kathleen and the students with gifts.. TMLA presented its guests with TMLA clothing and other souvenirs.

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