Robotics Team Wins Award

Congratulations to TMLA Robotics Team, the Steampunk Penguins, who competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition for the first time since 2019 and won the Jack Kamen Imagery Award for 2022.    The robot and our team’s theme were based on the 6888th Battalion that helped to sort and deliver mail quickly and efficiently to boost soldier morale during the war.

The 6888 was the first and only all Black Female Women Army Corps unit to be deployed overseas during WW II.  The leader of this battalion was Lieutenant Colonel Charity Adams Early, who was known as Major Charity Adams during WW II.  A visionary and strong leader, she led the battalion to success and stood up to the forces, both external and from within the military, which would compromise their mission or respect for her troops. The motto of the group was “No Mail, Low Morale”- in recognition of the importance of their work on the US fighting troops waiting for mail and packages from home.

This theme was the ticket for our team to win. The team would like to thank Loriana Donovan ’16 for developing the theme. The team also could not have won this award without the t-shirt and button designs from SMs Erika Yik, Angelina Concepcion, Angelina Perez and help from Mrs. Lynch.  

The team and their robot, Major Charity Adams, competed in 10 matches going 4 and 6 and ranking 27 out of 48.  They were led by a drive team of SRs Katherine Colin- Keita, Sharmaine Jabrica and Angelika Falandysz; JR Elizabeth Paul; and FW Hanna Vojar and Serena Bazile. 

Congratulations to our robotics team for all their hard work this season and on winning the Imagery Award!  Special thanks to their alumna mentors, Kathy Rutherford ‘79, Loriana Donovan ’16, and Tori Quan ’17 and their moderators, Mr. Gadaleta and Mr. Kempski.

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