Visual Arts

The Art Department seeks to foster student creativity for planning and producing works of art in a variety of media. A technical mastery necessary for the creation of a two dimensional work and an understanding of major art historical movements are other goals of this department.

Studio Art

This foundation course focuses on those basic elements of design (space, light, color, form, line and texture), which are used to create an image. Examples of each element are treated in project form which requires the student’s experimentation with a variety of media including ebony pencil, pastels, prismacolor, markers and scratchboard.

Approval for Studio Art is based on an observed native ability of the student, student’s ability to focus on and follow teacher instructions as well as her ability to meet schedule and quality standards.

Art Concentration

Students wishing to pursue a concentration in Art are advised to select courses in the following order:
1. Drawing, a required course for students with a concentration in art; 2. Painting; 3. Advanced Placement Studio AND/OR Intro to Graphic Design


This course is required for all students who wish to pursue a concentration in Art. The student will learn how to draw objects in perspective; to organize portraits, landscapes and still life compositions as well as images dealing with social commentary. Further, she is instructed in the techniques involving the following media: charcoal, conte crayon, pastels, prismacolor, ebony pencils, pen/ink, wash and scratchboard. Emphasis is placed on the creative and the technical aspect of drawing.


The painting course deals with the media of watercolor and acrylics. Using watercolor the student will experiment with the techniques of wash, wet-into-wet, drybrush and opaque watercolor. In acrylic painting particular attention is given to the study of color and its properties as well as to a variety of painting techniques.

Advanced Placement Studio

This course provides an opportunity for the talented student to work intensively in the preparation of a required portfolio for submission to The College Board for college credit. The student will be guided in the preparation of an extensive amount of college level work which will include drawings, and paintings. Enrollment in this course is especially helpful to the student who, after graduation anticipates attending Art school or majoring in Art at a Liberal Arts College.

Intro to Graphic Design

This course will introduce the techniques, technology and vocabulary associated with the visual communication that is graphic design. The student will incorporate aesthetic insight, conceptual skill and art historical information to create visual elements. Emphasis is placed on the execution of basic concepts such as typography, image and layout using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.