News | The Mary Louis Academy - Part 25

Patricia Fili-Krushel

“The values and thirst for knowledge that were instilled in me during my years at Mary Louis provided me with a foundation that I was able to build upon. Additionally, I believe that being educated in a single-sex environment allowed me to approach the business world in a confident manner.” [ read more ]

Katherine Chan

“The confidence Mary Louis instilled in me gave me the courage to reach further than anyone had ever told me possible. The world of finance is still lacking in women and it is a disappointment to see that many of the women who choose to leave the industry do so [ read more ]

TMLA Provides iPads for all 9th Graders

The Mary Louis Academy is providing all incoming freshmen with iPads for their academic use in and out of school. TMLA has long been cognizant of the fact that technological advances in education play a significant role in the effective preparation of today’s student for both college and career. In [ read more ]

TMLA Seniors Win Honors

The Mary Louis Academy is proud to announce that seniors Erin Krebs and Linelle Abueg have been named as semi-finalists in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Program. Erin and Linelle are among the top 16,000 highest scorers from the more than 1.5 million present high school seniors who took the [ read more ]

Cheerleaders Win Awards

TMLA Varsity Cheerleaders won awards at UCA summer cheerleading camp at Pine Forest, Honesdale, PA.- 1st place (Camp Champs) for time out cheer with stunt incorporation in High School Varsity Division as well as 2nd place for Xtreme Routine in High School Varsity Division! As Superior Squad Trophy Recipient winners, [ read more ]

Varsity Cheerleaders Win Awards

Congratulations to Varsity Cheerleaders Megan Gardiner and Gabby Giannopolous selected as 2013 ALL- AMERICANS!

TMLA at ND Vision

A group of 30 Mary Louis students joined by S. Marie Mackey, Mr. George Reed, Ms. Erin Flynn, and Ms. Katie Finn took part in a 5 day program called NDVision, a retreat conference at the University of Notre Dame for high school students from all across the country. As [ read more ]

A Distinguished Honor Roll: TMLA Authors

TMLA would like to celebrate the more than 50 members of its alumnae with published works spanning several decades.  If there are any names that we left out, we would appreciate your telling us about them. TMLA authors demonstrate a wide variety of interests and expertise. To start with the [ read more ]

Forensic Science Team Wins . . .

TMLA’s Forensic Science Team won 4 awards at the annual CSI Challenge Competition at Stony Brook University on June 3. They won awards for Best Crime Scene Processing, Best Crime Lab Examination, Best Investigative Plan, and Best Final Presentation. TMLA’s CSI team finished 5th among the 34 teams that competed. [ read more ]

TMLA Earns High Honors in National Italian High School Exam

TMLA had unprecedented results in the National Italian High School Examination this year. These results were unmatched by any other high school in the continental US or Canada. Thirty-one students in various categories scored high enough to earn Honorable Mention. Isabella Hinojal received a scholarship prize. Daniella Manno is the [ read more ]