TMLA and ipads

TMLA is making excellent and effective use of ipads in the classroom. Read an article about TMLA and ipads here.

TMLA Announces Student Winners

S. Kathleen McKinney announced that Daniela Carrasco, Anne C. Codd, Jamie S. Sweeney, and Melissa R. Zubizarreta were named Commended Students in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Program. In addition Karina R. Patterson and Stephanie Samedi were named Outstanding Participants in the National Achievement Scholarship Program.

Bowling teams begin new season …

TMLA Varsity Bowling team lost to Christ the King : TMLA 0, CK 5 J V Bowling team won : TMLA 5, CK 0  

Therese Boyle

The most prolific scorer in the CHSAA, Therese is the focal point of the other team’s defense. The Junior recently scored a hat trick in a game… for the third time this season. Her astonishing 2 gpg (goals per game) average is only one reason that TMLA is ranked #5 in New York City by MSG Varsity.


Tara Mulligan

Tara is the all-time record holder in both the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke in Nassau/ Suffolk. One of the top swimmers in NYC, Tara has received interest from Bucknell, Binghamton, Loyola, Fordham and Towson.

Class of 2016 Orientation

TMLA’s Class of 2016 took part in a three day orientation resulting in many new experiences and many new friendships.

Susan James Kropf

Susan James Kropf ’66 “Mary Louis taught me the meaning of achievement as well as the importance of relationships – both key ingredients for success”

Reana Mohamed

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African Heritage Club

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