Hilltopper Wellness Initiative

TMLA is proud to announce our “Hilltopper Wellness Initiative.” This initiative is designed to offer guidance on how we can continue to protect our psychological and emotional well-being, especially during times of crisis.

The purpose is to offer guidance on how to protect your psychological and emotional well-being, especially during times of crisis. In the midst of managing a situation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and worried.  Identifying ways to manage our mental health is crucial. Research has shown that engaging in self-reflection and self-care everyday (5-10 mins) will change the quality of your life forever. Not having time in your schedule is an excuse.

Don’t make excuses, make changes.

Each day will be dedicated to a dimension of wellness that needs our attention for us to truly flourish. It is our hope that you will take advantage of the resources provided every day to help you foster a healthier lifestyle. The day’s resources will be posted on the Education Tech page for the faculty/staff and on the classroom level pages for the students. In addition, there will be access to participate in the initiative on the TMLA website for our community. 

Each day of the week, we will draw our attention to one of the eight dimensions of wellness: Meditation Monday, Toolkit Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Tranquil Thursday, and Frolic Friday.

To access the daily well check, please click on the link below.

Meditation Monday:

As a method to help reduce the levels of anxiousness you may be feeling during this time, we will post weekly guided meditations and resources. Meditation is an activity that involves sensitive attention; inclusive, non judging awareness, is sustained by attitudes of kindness and compassion and offers the possibility of deep and wise understanding of yourself and how to live with more ease and happiness. The key to accessing your inner power and transformation lies in your ability and commitment to develop mindfulness. 

Toolkit Tuesday:

Your toolkit is a set of activities and resources that support mental and socio-emotional health. Because everyone’s mind and body respond differently to stress, what is effective for you may not be the same as what works for someone else. Each Tuesday a “tool” and/or strategy will be posted that could help you cope with life challenges. On this day it is your responsibility to engage in the strategy and decide whether that tool belongs in your toolkit.

Wellness Wednesday:

Learn skills and habits that can promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. During challenging times, we can take steps to care for ourselves and for others every day. This day will focus more on physical exercises and nutrition to help balance a healthy diet and fuel the mind.

Tranquil Thursday:

“Thought for Today” or “Maxim.” (Maxims are religious proverbs). The purpose of this method is to help you reflect on the essence of spirituality and find peace and calmness during real-world chaos. To assist in your reflection, questions relating to each Maxim will be provided. We invite you to pray and reflect on these Maxims with us on this day.

Frolic Friday:

“When in doubt frolic.” Did you know dancing improves your heart health, overall muscle strength, balance and coordination, and reduces depression. In addition, brain puzzles can boost your memory, improve your problem solving skills, and more. This day will incorporate fun-filled activities that may help you unwind from a long and draining week.