Hallowe’en at TMLA

Although there were no ghosts or goblins apparent, TMLA celebrated Hallowe’en with colorful and creative costumes on October 31.  Students used their imaginations to design costumed characters that evoked celebrities, sports teams, TV commercials, mythological creatures and some characters known only in fantasy. 

Even the faculty got involved in this feast with their own innovative costume designs.

Seniors and Freshwomen enjoyed a festive party in the cafeteria at 3 pm that included food, music, dancing and a parade of costumes for the delight of all.

Celebrations of Hallowe’en began with the Celts over 2,000 years ago, but TMLA students and faculty proved that it is an occasion enjoyed by many today.

A Hallowe’en Photo Gallery at  this link    includes many more Hallowe’en costumed selections from students and faculty.


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