A TMLA education is an investment with dividends that last a lifetime. For over 80 years our hilltop has been abuzz with young women who are actively finding their voices, learning to use them for good and coming to the full realization that they are worthy of their dreams. This education, grounded in the Sisters of St. Joseph’s charism – Unity,  Reconciliation and All-Inclusive Love – is truly priceless and is only made possible by the generous support of our alumnae and their families. Our students know that YOU support TMLA …and your support means that YOU believe in THEM. We are so grateful for the vital generosity of our TMLA Family. We asked a few of our dedicated contributors to explain why they support TMLA…we hope you will too!

patricia_fili_krushel_a_p“TMLA was instrumental in providing me a foundation upon which to build my life. I attribute my success as a mother, executive and wife to The Mary Louis Academy.  By supporting TMLA, I hope to help other young women achieve their goals in life.” – Patricia Fili-Krushel – TMLA Class of 1971 – Retired Chairman of NBC News – First Female President of any Major Television Network (ABC)

chan“I support TMLA because I’ve been impressed to see a high correlation between women who were educated in single sex schools and women who comport themselves most successfully in male dominated fields. TMLA provided me with an environment free of unnecessary distraction, both material and romantic, where I grew acquainted with the idea of women in leadership positions. This familiarity with female strength made it natural to strive for strength myself when I entered the working world. It has made all the difference in navigating working environments where women are not expected to succeed.” – Katherine Chan – TMLA Class of 2004 –FORBES Top 30 Under 30 in Finance

“I support TMLA because Mary Louis taught me that no goal is unattainable, especially when you have brilliant women surrounding you.” – Pascale Saint-Louis Sablan – TMLA Class of 2001 – Architect – FXFowle –President – New York Coalition of Black Architects


davey-mcgrawdavey“By contributing to The Mary Louis Academy, I am able to maintain my Mother’s legacy with the Academy, which dates back to 1943. It also helps me to feel an ongoing connection to her despite her passing. And, most importantly, it is gratifying to help continue to carry out the Academy’s mission so that more young women like my Mom can make a meaningful difference in their own and others’ lives.” – Deirdre Davey-McGraw – Executive VP – Ameriprise Financial – Daughter of the late Lynn Higgins Davey – TMLA Class of 1947

mcentee_joan“TMLA teaches women that successful competition and leadership result from loyalty, friendship and respect for people with whom we shared values, education and life experiences. High school years can be very difficult as we know, but TMLA gave me the determination to follow my goals and find ways to deal with any of life’s roadblocks. That is why I support TMLA.” –  Joan McEntee, Esq. – TMLA Class of 1965 – Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Vice-President of the United States & Former U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce

“As a first generation Hindu immigrant from India, I believe that an all-girls Catholic education at TMLA provides an anchor that helps build confidence; this helped me to become a physician and entrepreneur.  I support TMLA to ensure that other young women have this wonderful resource available to them as well.” – Dr. Jaishree Capoor – TMLA Class of 1989 – Pediatric Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Physician

untitled“We support TMLA because we feel it is a phenomenal institution. In addition to offering an outstanding education, TMLA instilled and nurtured a value system in our daughters that still influences them in their day-to-day lives as wives, mothers and professional women.” – Dr. Mary Ellen Freeley & Dr. James Freeley – Parents Classes of 1992 & 1995

finn“The education I received at The Mary Louis Academy has provided me with all the right ingredients to meet the challenges of a career as a U.S. diplomat.  TMLA is academically strong both in the arts and sciences, and especially in languages.  Perhaps even more importantly, it provides the kind of grounding in ethical values that is essential to career success.  I learned not only to understand the world through ‘the vicarious experience of literature,’ but to deal with others with compassion and kindness.  It is important to support TMLA as it continues to provide an excellent education for the successor generation of young women.” – Dr. Helena Kane-Finn – TMLA Class of 1963 – Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State & Retired U.S. Diplomat