Engineering Newsletters

TMLA July 8, 2019 Newsletter.docx_

click on the link above for our first NEWSLETTER – July 8, 2019 with  

  • opening/getting acquainted activities.
  • a project to introduce Engineering Design Process through an activity called “Marshmallow Challenge” -an exercise in collaboration, team-work and working toward achieving a goal in a group setting. 
  • an activity to explore Mechanical Engineering and Energy 

This link is rather extensive and includes many photos of those who were part of the day’s activities as well as  the leaders of the Engineering Course.  

TMLA July 9, 2019 Newsletter.docx

Click on the link above for activities and photos for July 9, 2019

  • exploration of Computer Science through several activities
  • ASCII table project — practice facilitation of binary numbers within code
  • card game to demonstrate the effects of conditionals on a set of rules and how that applies to computer languages
  • a project titled My Robotic Friends gave the girls an understanding of  how literal computers communicate  
  • activities in CS First gave the girls hands-on experience using code on the computer

TMLA Newsletter July 10,2019

      This link includes different activities:

  • used Scratch (a block based computer language) to make an ad for a new product or business idea–  created an “elevator  pitch” to sell their design concept
  • switched gears to explore Chemical, Material and Environmental Engineering. —   created casein plastic from milk and vinegar using hot plates and beakers to break down casein protein in milk through a process known as esterification–   used molds to personalize  casein plastic into fun colorful shapes
  • explored a  non-Newtonian substance known as Oobleck, which defies Newton’s 3rd law of physics – acting as  solid when liquid is expected – an interactive and messy introduction to Chemical, Material and Environmental Engineering
  • an activity in Electrical Engineering had the girls assemble their own  Bristlebot to introduce the concept of circuits

July 11, 2019 TMLA Newsletter.docx -visit to Hofstra labs

  • visit to Hofstra –a highlight of the week for many. NEWSLETTER details impressive people who interacted with us and their labs  
  • upon return home to TMLA,  explored Electrical Engineering  by building a circuit 

TMLA Newsletter July 12, Final Day thanks

This link thanks people who helped make the week a success.  
Photos from several activities and award presentations at the end of the day will be found in a separate gallery to be added.