Diploma Designation of Enhanced Study – Class of 2021

The Mary Louis Academy offers Diploma Designations of Advanced Study  in areas in which students have followed a curriculum  that surpasses requirements in a given field. In order to receive a diploma designation, the student must complete an additional course of study and activities designed by the academic department.


Students who receive the Advanced Art Designation pursue a concentration in art and have demonstrated a talent and interest as Art Majors. In addition to being actively engaged in a rigorous four-year art major curriculum, the students participate in internships with art museums in NYC, internships with a Chelsea Gallery, and successfully complete additional Art courses with major Art Colleges.

Eliana Isabella Cortez       Katelyn Amelia DiPippa        Emily Rose Grimaldi      Rumaisa Rawshan     Victoria Y. Scott


The TMLA sports Medicine Program is a multiyear track for motivated students who are interested in pursuing careers in the fields of sports medicine, athletic training and physical therapy. TMLA students work with the TMLA Sports Medicine Staff to gain hands on training. Entrance Requirements: Qualified rising sophomore must: Interview with the Sports Medicine Staff.

Sadé Laura-Necole Brooks     Dominique M. Duvil     Olivia Fleury      Maelie Jon Heckman      Katherine Mary Martin Naia Marie Michelin     Casey Brid Roche      Camellia Teng


Students who have maintained a grade of 90% or above in all 9th and 10th grade Math and Sciences courses are admitted to this program.  They must enroll annually and maintain mastery in Honors, AP and elective Math and Science courses.   In addition, they must complete a Hospital Internship, attend scientific lectures and/or field trips and be members of the NYS Science Honors Society.  Those in Science Research must present an original research project.

Christina Alexandra Caminiti     Rena Cheng     Silvia Elizabeth DiPaola    Sariah Kayla Grant    Sydney E. Hanson Isabelle Anica Henri    Kathryn Cecelia Heppner      Jilian Càndida Kerby    Molly Elizabeth Klemmer
Christine Allison Flores Maguad     Marina Rose McEntee     Tara Maria McGonnell    Ambika Y. Persaud
Natalia Maria Rokicki     Alexandra Rutkowski    Maria Gjenovefa Skenderi      Gabriela Urena


Students in this program successfully complete Honors Math and Science courses.   Additional requirements include taking STEM elective courses, membership in a STEM  extra-curricular activity, participating in local and national STEM competitions, serving as  STEM tutors, and attending science-based field trips and forums.

Casey Cathleen Bice    Mahalia Teresa Carbonell   Carla Del Rocio Delgado   Elizabeth Megan Goberdhan
Jewel Nicole Jenkins   Christina Kundu   Lauren Maria Kwan   Rachel C. Lande   Caitlin Mary Leahy
Faith Leeann Lutzky   Gigi Jolie Miller   Myah Victoria Mitchell   Veronica Aracely Monteverdi
Onyinye Kamila Ofornagoro   Elizabeth-Faith Rene  Alexandra Rutkowski   Danielle Santos    Tasnuva Sikder