CSJ Student Leaders Virtual Party/Retreat

The student leaders from our Sisters of St. Joseph Schools – Mary Louis, Fontbonne and Sacred Heart – met on Friday evening, November 13th, for a virtual slumber party and retreat experience.  Coordinated by the Campus Minsters-Erin DiLorenzo, Veronica Ticas-Ludewig and Sam Scheidt,  the evening began with a virtual supper and an Emoji trivia game. At 7:00, Sarah Hart, a well-renowned singer, composer and writer who has traveled the country speaking and leading faith-focused gatherings, joined the zoom.

After an opening song with her daughter, Sarah spoke to the girls about finding ways to stay hopeful and inspired and faith-filled during this trying time in their lives. She asked them to journal their thoughts and hopes and the students were able to share these with each other. With scripture readings, poetry and song, Sarah was certainly an inspiration and source of hope to the students.

The students were given a “goody” bag which included a journal, a bag of chips and a jigsaw puzzle piece.  Following the presentation, the girls were asked to write their thoughts on the puzzle piece (while listening to Christmas music!). These pieces will be collected by the campus ministers and will be assembled at the CSJ Schools Convocation in March.

Listening to the students share their fears, their hopes and their dreams certainly is an inspiration and a sure sign that CSJ charism is alive and well and active in our schools, even in this troubling time.

The “party” was designed by the Campus Minsters who were joined by S. Marie Mackey from Youth Outreach and S  Linda Pero from the CSJ Educators’ Committee.

This event was planned by the CSJ Educators’ Committee which is comprised of representatives from each school as well as other educators who have been active in mission activities for faculties and students in the CSJ schools since 1995.   


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