Prayer and Meditation

Audio-Guided Meditation

Below is an audio-guided mediation prepared by Mrs. Bommarito.

Morning Prayer and Thought of the Day

As we do each day, we will be offering morning prayer and a thought of the day to our students. This slideshow will be updated every day with a new prayer and a new reflection.

Daily Meditation

  1. Find a quiet spot and sit comfortably. 
  2. Begin with 30 seconds of quiet (you may choose to count your breathes at this time) 
  3. Take 3 deep breath (Inhale through your nose, Exhale through your mouth)
  4. Now take a moment to imagine yourself being more calm, peaceful and focused 
  5. Allow your unconscious mind to naturally conjure an image of what that would feel like; consider what you might be seeing, hearing, and what you might be feeling that shows you are more calm, peaceful and focused 
  6. Perhaps you are already feeling more calm, peaceful and focused. If not, notice that your unconscious mind can reveal how you might do this.
  7. Now, maybe you can think of a simple way to incorporate this feeling of calm into your life in the days and weeks ahead.
  8. I invite you now to take a breath for a moment, and begin to move your attention back to the room, listening to the sounds around you. Ask yourself how was that? What did you learn?
  9. Now take a moment and reflect on “Just for Today.”

Musical Mediation

Nurse Judy created a meditation set to music which she wants to share with our community. We hope it brings you peace during this time.




Virtual Guided Meditation

Mrs. Christina Sama-Bommarito has complied resources for mediation during this time. Please follow this link to learn more. 

There will be Virtual Guided Meditation via Google Meet every Wednesday at 2:45pm. We encourage everyone to join us