Grief Counseling Resources

Grief is a natural reaction to loss or change.It is most commonly discussed in relation to the death of a loved one, however grief can be experienced following any major change. Our TMLA community is in a state of mourning and even though we can’t be together during this time of turmoil, we want to continue to provide the best care possible to your family and daughter’s. Therefore, in addition to the services we offer through our guidance department we wanted to offer outside resources as well. We hope you are all staying safe during this time. 

The guidance counelors have greated a scheduled of who you can call if you need support or someone to talk to. Each of these women will be available to our community at the time indicated on the On-Call Counselor Calendar. Please utilize this to give those who need it “a place” to go for further conversation.  I will have itn posted on the website for the information of our students.


Community Resources:

1. COPE Foundation Grief Support Group, (516) 832-2673, Rosyln, NY

2. Child/Adolescent HELP Partnership , St. John’s University for Psychological Services, (718) 990-2367, Flushing, NY

3. Consolation/Bereavement Ministry, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, (718) 268-6251

You can also call your local parish rectory to see if there are any grief counseling groups in their area.