Columbia U’s Outreach — TMLA’s STEM education

As part of TMLA’s STEM education program, Yocheved Ungar, a graduate student from Columbia University’s FU Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science gave an excellent presentation that extended the horizons of TMLA students. Her topic of Spore-Based Engine Machines included a discussion about what spores are, how they harvest energy, what biophysics is, and the spore-based engine machines scientists are working with. Her presentation concluded with an understanding of what it takes to be a scientist. Yocheved also shared a little of her own academic background to help TMLA students who might be wondering about what path in science they might travel. Questions and observations from students in the audience during the presentation and afterward clearly indicated their interest in what Yocheved was explaining to them.  In addition to this presentation, as part of its STEM interests, TMLA has plans for further involvement with Columbia University’s School of Engineering outreach.

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