Class of 2021 Continues TMLA Christmas Tradition

On December 18, TMLA principal Mrs. Ann O’Hagan-Cordes announced: “We have an intrepid, sleep-deprived group of seniors who worked on a virtual Christmas play through the night until very early this morning, so that some traditions would not be completely lost to us.” 

Despite the fact that TMLA was on virtual learning schedule, Seniors Stella DiCicco and Bridget Farrell wrote and coordinated the script. Through the power of Zoom, we see the seniors planning, directing and rehearsing the play which would be about missing stars – like  the North Star that guided the Wise Men and even the star over the tree in Rockefeller Center. Several faculty members came online to help with ideas for sets, dialog and humor.

When Stella sent out a Google Form asking for helpers, whether it was as a dancer, actor or an extra, it seemed like the entire senior class wanted to be a part of this special event. Two or three days before the play was viewed by the school, scenes were filmed at time slots from a schedule that Stella created.

Those scenes were sent to Sydney Hanson and Victoria Scott to string together. Most of the editing was done the night before the play with most time spent waiting to receive scenes and for files to be exported. Sydney and Victoria each edited half of the play, then Victoria put the halves together and posted the result on YouTube around 3 am (it was a very long night.)  All agreed it was worth the stress.  

Other seniors who were involved through acting, contributing ideas or coordinating dance included Anna Ducroiset, Meghan Gross, Hagan Carlin, and Maria Teresa Furtado.  Senior Dean Mrs. Kathleen Dryer and several faculty members also took part online giving their encouragement and suggestions for the play.

TMLA classes received the links for the Senior Christmas Play and The 12 Days of Christmas sing-along- video, (plus bonus bloopers) to show during home room the day before holidays.  Besides honoring TMLA tradition, this production meant a great deal to the many who created it. This presentation also provided a special gift to all who need a little joy right now.

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