Christmas Gift-Giving

TMLA students were extra generous this Advent season in providing hundreds of gifts for girls in two special programs: Hour Children and St. John’s Bread and Life Soup Kitchen. 

Toys and crafts for girls ages 2-4 were donated to Hour Children program which is committed to the compassionate and loving care of children of incarcerated mothers both during their prison sentences and after their return to the community. Thanks to the leadership of Mrs. Loramarie Muratore-Ninson and the Deans, gifts of toys and crafts demonstrated the generosity of TMLA students for Hour Children program.

Another array of gifts for girls ages 7 to 9 was destined for St. John’s Bread and Life Soup Kitchen, which is dedicated to providing nourishing meals for our neediest neighbors,  life-saving services, job training, and spiritual care for families. TMLA CSJ Leaders group spearheaded the gift giving for girls in this group program. The array of toys and crafts pictured here represents only a part of what was donated during this Advent season.

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