APPRYSE Enrollment

2021 Fall Sports Participants

Please Read Below Regarding Your Fall Sports Clearance

Student-Athletes who plan on playing a Fall Sport MUST be enrolled on Appryse. This is the first year using Appryse so you must enroll before registering for a sport. If you have multiple athletes in your household, you do one enrollment and add each athlete through that login. 

In order to be cleared for a Fall Sport you MUST:

  • Create a new enrollment on Appryse
  • Have an approved up to date physical on Appryse.

After your enrollment is reviewed and accepted by the TMLA school nurse you will receive an email stating: “Appryse Enrollment Accepted.” After receiving the confirmation email you MUST complete the following two steps.

  • Choose the sport you are trying out for on Appryse by clicking on the green “Tryouts / Activities” button.

**Please read Step by Step Directions Below**

The link to enroll or update your Appryse account is:  

Important notes before enrollment

  • Questions or problems during enrollment should be directed to Appryse. Click the “Contact Support” button on the Appryse website.
  • Only upload physical forms and immunization records. All other medical forms must be submitted to the TMLA  School Nurse (school medication forms, doctor’s notes, etc.)

**If your enrollment was declined, you will receive an email requesting additional information.

Choosing a Sport

  • To choose a sport, click on the green Tryout/Activities button found on the Parent Home Page. The green Tryout/Activities button will not show until your enrollment is accepted.
  • When you have successfully chosen a sport it will show on the Parent Home Page