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Virtual Tour

Welcome to our Virtual Open House!

Thank you for coming to our Open House! You will have the chance to view every inch of our beautiful campus. Here are some tips to help you navigate the tour:

  • Use your mouse or fingers to navigate the building. Follow the white circles for a complete tour!
  • We recommend starting your tour with the “Principal’s Welcome Message.”
  • There is an arrow button on the top left of the tour. This is the main menu that lists all the departments and videos for you to visit. 
  • The “Student/Faculty” tab will answer questions you have about academics and life at TMLA. 
  • The “Campus Locations” tab located in the main menu will take you to other locations on campus located outside of the building. 
  • Art, Religious, and Guidance Departments, as well as the  Athletic Training Office and Senior Lounge, go to Campus Locations

Please click this link to view our Virtual Open House