TMLA is committed to providing today’s technology-savvy students with the most effective learning experience available. For this reason our iPad Program is now in place: each incoming 9th year student will receive an iPad for her academic use in and out of school. Teachers and students use this technology as part of their course work.
In addition, TMLA Technology includes these features:
  • Our network provides fast communication through a dedicated high speed line.
  • Triumph Boards are in all classrooms. These are powerful and dynamic tools that enhance lessons, encourage involvement of students, and increase student achievement.
  • TMLA’s two computer labs have been outfitted with computers that include individual speaking, listening and recording capabilities that exceed the standards suggested by the College Board for Advanced Placement courses in such areas as AP Music and AP Foreign Language.
  • Computers are also available in all resources centers, the library, art studios, guidance complex, faculty work areas and offices.
  • Technology introductory course is part of the 9th year curriculum; advanced courses are offered as electives.
  • Library offers computers, Nooks, and 40 online databases with resources that may be accessed in school or at home.
  • TMLA has a Responsible Use Policy signed by students and parents. Internet access is monitored using detection and monitoring software.
  • PlusPortals is a secure web-based internet portal that is used for daily communication between teachers and students; parents also have their own PlusPortals accounts to access information about their daughters’ classes and for communications with faculty. This website is kept updated on student academic progress.