AP Diversity Award

The College Board has announced that The Mary Louis Academy has received the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for attaining female student representation in AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) for 2019.

Out of 20,000 institutions that offer AP courses, TMLA is one of only 639 schools nationwide and the only school in the Brooklyn/ Queens Diocese to be recognized for achieving this important result in AP CSP.

In writing to Mrs. Ann O’Hagan-Cordes, Principal, the College Board officials noted:

“This honor acknowledges the outstanding work and programs that The Mary Louis Academy offers to engage more female students in computer science. Through your leadership in diversifying computer science education, you’re preparing your female students for the high-paying, in-demand jobs of the future and giving them the opportunity to help solve some of society’s most challenging problems.”

For more than eight decades, The Mary Louis Academy has been widely recognized and highly regarded as one of the nation’s preeminent college preparatory high schools. Our central focus at TMLA is academic achievement, and our students excel. The majority receive the NY State Regents diploma with Advanced Designation, New York State’s highest diploma standard. Our accomplished faculty teaches a wide variety of college level and Honors classes, including 17 Advanced Placement courses offered in every major discipline, beginning in ninth grade.

We do not track students. The foundation of our success rests on individualized programs which encourage students to pursue their interests and strengths, allowing them to take advanced courses in any area in which they excel.  To learn more about our Outstanding Academics, click here.

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