All Souls Celebration

With the help of AP Spanish students, TMLA Library created a special display celebrating Dia do Los Muertos that featured unique constructions called Ofrendas. These structures are dedicated to remembering deceased friends and family who have passed to Eternal life. Popular in Latin America and Mexico, this colorful structure has photos and mementos of loved ones we wish to commemorate.

An Ofrenda in the front hall is dedicated to Mother Mary Louis, also to Mother St. John Fontbonne who founded the Sisters of St. Joseph after the French Revolution, as well as to Mother Cabrini and to St. Teresa of Avila. These four women are the patrons of the four Second Language Honor Societies. 

In their foreign language classes, students became acquainted with many traditions for El Dia de Los Muertos  in Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.  One activity encouraged students to make and wear a unique type of All Souls Remembrance tag with pictures of departed loved ones and mementos of items identified with them.  Wearing these tags calls to mind loved ones who are still an important presence in our lives.  Students also filmed a video about All Souls Day with students speaking in several languages about the day.  

To celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, TMLA Library hosted several Spanish classes for a Virtual Reality tour of Mexico City during an actual Dia de los Muertos celebration! Students were immersed in the festive atmosphere, observing footage from a Youtube 360 video from CNN.

TMLA Library also used the VR platform Google Expeditions to take students inside a museum showcasing the influence of Dia de Los Muertos on the arts in Mexican culture.  For more information about TMLA’s Library programs using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, use this link.

The LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Department of TMLA sponsored this school wide celebration of All Souls Day to increase our students’ knowledge of other cultures and traditions while providing an opportunity to develop their spiritual formation as well. 

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