Our History

In the midst of The Great Depression of the 1930’s, when the prevailing spirit was one of pessimism, building a school was a statement of belief in the future, and in the contributions of Catholic education to that future.

The founders of Mary Louis were women of great faith and vision. They saw the women who graduated from Mary Louis as a force for good in society. The Mary Louis woman would make a difference.

And she has.

1930’s – 1940’s

 TMLA’s first students were 15 young women who were greeted by a faculty of eight sisters on their first day of school September 14, 1936. Classes were held in the Mary Louis Convent adjoining the school while plans for the permanent building were formulated. 

The completed school building took shape over a period of two years on the site selected by Mother Mary Louis, Superior General of the Sisters of St. Joseph. TMLA formally opened its doors on October 16, 1938.

The stated purpose of the Academy was to educate young women to take their places in society and contribute to the world. To achieve this purpose, a demanding academic program was introduced.

1950’s – 1970’s

The reputation for academic excellence at TMLA quickly spread. So many young women sought to be educated here, that less than twenty years after its founding, the school’s population had outgrown the building. In 1956, the new wing was opened and the capacity of the school was doubled.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Academy knew many more changes in curriculum and the use of physical space. Resource Centers were created, a new Art Studio was built, and the Library was extended.

1980’s – 1990’s

In the 1990’s two computer labs were added and the Chemistry and Physics/Earth Science Labs were completely refurbished. Computers were added to resource centers, classrooms and the Library.

2000 – present

In 2014 TMLA renovated and repurposed the former Convent Building (the original Rose Crest Mansion). The front parlors became a Student Lounge; sun parlor became the Art Solarium; the Dining room became an Engineering lab for Robotics projects. The Community room became 2 classrooms and a Mathematics Lab; the Kitchen was used by student clubs   as a Culinary Arts Center.

During this time as technology became an important vehicle for learning, SmartBoards were added to each classroom; iPads were given to incoming 9th year students; our Music Conservatory was refurbished, a music recording studio added. With a Senior Lounge and Courtyard garden – all are enhancements now enjoyed by TMLA’s  present students.