2022 Peacemaker Awards

At the M­­­­ass for the Solemnity of St. Joseph on March 18th, the TMLA Peacemaker Awards for 2022 were presented.  We congratulate Gabriela Maldonado, Breann Elder, Sarah Kurre, Francesca Argenzio and Ms. Stephenie Rogers on their selection as Peacemakers this year. 

This highly prestigious award is in recognition of those students and faculty members who have best represented the CSJ philosophy and mission of love, unity and reconciliation within the TMLA community during the year. One student from each class year is chosen for this award by her peers and faculty.  One faculty member is also chosen by the faculty.

During this liturgy Sisters of St. Joseph also renewed their vows; faculty and students renewed their commitment to the TMLA mission of education in a context of spiritual values.

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